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Brand: Bandai Model: 5057598
Description:Bandai brings us a new line of Super Deformed (SD) Gundam called the EX Standard! These new EX Standard kits come molded in multiple colors and feature limited articulation so you can get that perfect pose to display them! Foil marking stickers are also included to add extra colors ..
USD 6.13
Brand: Bandai Model: 5060772
Description:Easy and simple assembly! Pikachu in a battle pose appears in "Poke Plastic Quick!!", which is perfect for the first plastic model experience! Pikachu with a total length of about 75 mm that can be made with all 15 parts. Easy assembly and a colorful finish are compatible with discern..
USD 7.14
Brand: Bandai Model: 5064021
Description:"Gyarados" is lined up in the Pokemon Plastic Model Collection Select Series! The design of the torso is reproduced by dividing the parts without using stickers. Movable parts allow you to express powerful poses! Soft parts are used for the horn, whiskers, and tail. A pedestal that su..
USD 15.95
Brand: Bandai Model: 5064022
Description:The pirate ship "Oro Jackson" of the legendary pirate "Gol D. Roger" appears in the One Piece Grand Ship collection! Detailed modeling reproduced on the hull with a total length of about 130 mm. Simple assembly that does not require tools and is easy to make even for the first time. Y..
USD 23.05
Brand: Bandai Model: 5064020
Description:From "Shin Mazinger ZERO vs Ankoku Taishogun", "Mazinger ZERO" appears as the 5th "INFINITISM"! Redesigned by mechanical designer Takayuki Yanase. Specifications that can be satisfied just by assembling, sticking to parts division and molding color. Equipped with an opening and closin..
USD 63.39
Brand: Bandai Model: 5057843
Description:A multi-booster unit for 30MM 1/144 is here! A set of one leg unit each for left and right. We can attach to Alto and Porta Nova.**Please note the item only included the Multi Booster Unit set only. Other items and figures shown in the picture are for demonstration purpose and nee..
USD 6.13
Brand: Bandai Model: 5057778
Description:Mass production machine fans, stand up!!!! From the BANDAI SPIRITS original robot plastic model series "30 MINUTES MISSIONS", which has a simple structure and is easy to assemble, "eEXM-17 Alto [White]" is now available on a 1/144 scale. Intuitive and easy-to-understand runner placeme..
USD 13.09
Brand: Bandai Model: 5060751
Description:From the 30MM series, a new color that expands the range of customization for "Ciel Nova" is now available! White-collar who is easy to match with other colors. Massive legs, long forearms, a backpack that can be expanded upwards, and other distinctive parts. We adopt expandable joint..
USD 14.11
Brand: Bandai Model: 63896
Description:TINY SESSION VF-25G MESSIAH VALKYRIE (MICHAEL USE) with RANKAA new brand of deformed mecha and characters has been created, featuring an innovative line of collectible figures! The VF-25G MESSIAH VALKYRIE (MICHAEL USE) with RANKA from "MACROSS F" is now available! The new brand "T..
USD 35.05
Brand: Bandai Model: 63897
Description:TINY SESSION VF-25F MESSIAH VALKYRIE (ALTO USE) with SHERYL. A new brand of deformed mecha and characters has been created, featuring an innovative line of collectible figures! The VF-25F MESSIAH VALKYRIE (ALTO USE) with SHERYL from "MACROSS F" is now available!The new brand "TIN..
USD 35.05
Brand: Bandai Model: 5064010
Description:From the side story project "SD Gundam World Heroes THE LEGEND OF DRAGON KNIGHT", Son Quan, who was active in "Sangoku Soketsuden" and "Heroes", has powered up and appeared as "Son Quan Gundam Astray Kakuen Shoko"! New weapons that can be rearranged into various forms are included. Th..
USD 11.42
Brand: Bandai Model: 64000
Description:"Shine Bright! Flash! Decker!" From "Ultraman Decker," ULTRAMAN DECKER FLASH TYPE comes to S.H.Figuarts. The ULTRAMAN DECKER FLASH TYPE from "Ultraman Decker" by Tsuburaya Productions. Supervised by the LSS sculpturing department of Tsuburaya Productions...
USD 33.02
Brand: Bandai Model: 63956
Description:The Masked Worker from "Squid Game" comes to S.H.Figuarts! Comes with an interchangeable Masked Manager head to switch its rank! A knife and backpack are included to recreate the worker''s actions in the same way they carry out their duties on the show! Comes with a knife and backpack..
USD 43.08 USD 58.15
Brand: Bandai Model: 63955
Description:From the NETFLIX series "Squid Game," which became a worldwide sensation in 2021, the Masked Soldier that appears throughout the survival drama comes to S.H.Figuarts! Sculpted in their eerie pink costume! In addition to a handgun and machine gun, the coffin from the drama is impressiv..
USD 43.08 USD 58.15
Brand: Bandai Model: 63908
Description:From the new TV anime series "SPY x FAMILY", LOID FORGER has arrived at S.H.Figuarts. He comes with interchangeable hands and facial parts to bring to life Loid''s characteristic poses and expressions...
USD 58.50
Brand: Bandai Model: 5064014
Description:"Alcremie" appears in the 12th installment of the "Pokepla Quick!!" series that can be easily assembled even for the first time! Overall height about 87mm. Expressing a soft and cute form. Easy assembly and a colorful finish are compatible with discerning parts division. Reproduce the..
USD 7.42
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Bandai is a Japanese toy maker and a producer of many plastic model kits. It is Japan's largest toy maker and the world's fourth-largest toy maker as of 2018 after The Lego Group, Mattel and Hasbro. Some ex-Bandai group companies produce anime and tokusatsu programs. Gundam Gunpla can be classified by Real Grade (RG), High Grade (HG), Advance Grade (AG), Master Grade (MG), Perfect Grade (PG)

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